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Boston, Ma

Orderly Oasis

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"Jen and her team did a fabulous job creating a space that maximizes every inch of our storage space and helps our family prepare for our day with ease. She is awesome to work with!"

-Courtney (Concord, MA)

-Anna (South end, MA)

"I have no hesitations in recommending Orderly Oasis to everyone I know. I have always struggled with structure, but Jen took a huge weight off my shoulders and helped me get my home life back on track. She was very understanding and easy to work with, and I am very excited that my home feels like home again!"

“Jen was wonderful to work with! Her communication skills and the new system she instilled within my kitchen have given me confidence that I can remain organized long after the job is finished. She was professional, friendly and mindful of my family’s health and safety when entering my home and handling our belongings. It’s a daunting task trying to keep your kitchen tidy while also making sure everything is still accessible. Jen created a way in which both are now possible and I can’t thank her enough!”

-Tommy (boston, ma)

-Colleen (Bolton, MA)

-M & K (Cape cod, MA)

-zac (south Boston, MA)

"I cannot recommend Orderly Oasis enough! Jen and her team have been to the house on three occasions so far and I’m already thinking about what organizational project can be tackled next. They have transformed my office space, pantry, child-friendly living room, child bedroom, and master bedroom closet. Jen is professional, understanding, and incredibly efficient with a strong work ethic. Orderly Oasis is always up for challenges that I find overwhelming and I'm so thankful for the peace and structure they have brought into our home. Most importantly, we've been able to maintain it! 

"Jen has a very well thought out system for evaluating, planning and executing spaces. In a short amount of time she was able to make disorganized spaces completely functional and organized. Her execution made best use of our very limited time. We look forward to our next project together! Highly recommend!"

I don't even know where to begin. Jen & the Orderly Oasis team are absolute rockstars! Not only was Jen incredibly timely, professional, and diligent with her work, but she was immensely educational throughout the entire process! We've always considered ourselves to be very organized people, but I had no idea how far the overarching theme of 'organization' can span, and it's abundantly clear that Jen is an expert at what she & her team do!

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